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September 06, 2010


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A gem! A perfect gem! Great job!


WOW!!! That's amazing ... as in, really really AMAZING!! What a talent you've got, I might need a consultation ;-)


Thanks Jen and Sloan! :) Sloan, it's not talent, I really didn't do anything other than remove a few screws,sand and paint. lol I wish I was uber talented though. :) It's so adorable and so comfortable! I just love it!!

Carissa Swisher

Hi Stephanie!!!

I spent a good part of the night reading your precious blog last night!!! Oh your family is just so... PRECIOUS! I know I used the word precious already, but it is so fittin'. :-)
Just a few posts and I could tell HOW MUCH you love your family!
Ok...THAT STOOL... I might have to hoop in the car and come swipe it from you!! :-) It is so adorable~so vintagy!!! LOVE IT!! What a sweet memory for you to have of it and now it is yours to share with your own little chicks! And the remake!!! LOVE IT EVEN MORE!! GREAT JOB!! Love the cheery red.

Have a wonderful day!! I tried to become a follower,but I'm sure how to sign up??

Love Carissa

Carissa Swisher

OOPS... meant to say "hop" not "hoop" How silly!


Now that is fabulous. What great color and shape. Great job!

Nicolle W.

Hi Stephanie, love that stool. Your makeover on it looks fabulous! It's so nice to preserve childhood memories like that. I'm so glad you inherited it!

Have a beautiful day! :)


It looks great and how great that it stayed in the family and went to someone that would appreciate it so much.


Stephanie, that looks amazing!!!!
Love the color and the feet do add some old fashioned charm!
You must feel quite proud!:)
Enjoy the day


oh wow! That looks amazing! I've never seen a stool with that kind of shape before. It's way cool.

Lisa @ lists in my pocket

That looks gorgeous! What a great fix-up!

You have gorgeous kids, I'm having fun reading. :) Thanks for stopping by!


Wow! All I can say is wow!

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